Evaluate & Reflect

Chapter 7 Evaluate & Reflect

Online Instructor Evaluation

The Canvas version of the online Student Evaluation form was approved by DTREC on November 1, 2016 and is now available for use.

The form needs to be controlled by the person doing the evaluation (Evaluator). Generally that means the Department Chair or other faculty, not the instructor being evaluated. The person compiling the results of the form (Compiler) is generally a department administrative assistant, though it may be the same person as the Evaluator, or someone else.

To begin the process, the Evaluator needs to complete the form below.

Once completed, all of the following will immediately/automatically occur:

  1. A Canvas course will be created that contains only the Student Evaluation survey and instructions.
  2. All students in the original course (the one being used for evaluation) will be enrolled as "Students."
  3. The Evaluator and Compiler will be enrolled as "Teachers."
  4. All students will receive an email asking them to complete the survey.

The Evaluator and Compiler can then decide when to retrieve and analyze the results of the survey, as well as when to delete the results from the Canvas system. Note that email notifications will not be sent out when students complete the survey.

Guides and Instructions

Please download and read the Directions for Using the Online Instructor Evaluation data formatting tool before using the tool. The data formatting tool is a template spreadsheet and requires the information from Canvas to be input exactly as the directions state in order to function correctly.

Note that if you don't know/have an SID, you can leave that field blank. However, add five business days to complete this request.
Please email desupport@santarosa.edu with any questions about this form or process or if you have questions about the directions for using the formatting tool.