Confirm Email to Receive Notifications

If you have not confirmed your email address with Canvas, you will NOT receive Notifications. To confirm your email address, go to your Canvas Account Settings.

  • Click on the Account button in the left-hand global navigation
  • From the Account menu, choose Notifications
  • Look for a warning in blue that you need to verify your email address - meaning it is unconfirmed

    Blue warning indicates the email is unconfirmed
  • If your email address is not confirmed, click the re-send link in the warning. The following confirmation should pop up at the top of the screen:

    Message in green box indicates the email is confirmed.
  • You will need to open your email program, find the email titled "Confirm Email: Canvas" from
  • Click the "confirm this registration" link at the bottom of the email message to complete the confirmation of your email address.