CATE-to-Canvas Feature Guide

When converting from CATE to Canvas, consider these Canvas features that can be used in place of the CATE features you have been using. Access the links to see relevant Canvas guides.

CATE-to-Canvas Features

CATE Content

Canvas Equivalent

Personal Homepage

CATE Personal Homepages will continue to be supported until CATE goes away in Spring of 2017, at which time an alternative Drupal solution will be in place.

Section Homepages

CATE Section Homepages will continue to be supported until CATE goes away in Spring of 2017. Canvas Syllabus pages can be shared with the public (see Making Courses Visible help document for more information).

Schedule Pages

Canvas places a list of upcoming deadlines at the bottom of the Syllabus page.
Syllabus Guides

Calendar Guides

Presentation Pages

Pages will be listed in alphabetical order. Use Modules to link up to pages to give students an ordered progression through your class materials. 

Canvas Pages Guides

Tests and Exercises

In the CATE-to-Canvas migration process Tests and Exercises migrate over just as you set them in CATE.

 Quizzes Guides

Assignments Guides

Message Lists

Discussions Guides

Announcements Guides

Chat Rooms

Discussions within Groups can promote communications between students, an LTI called Hoot Me will allow for instant messaging.

Discussions Guides


Students can set Notifications to receive class messages as text messages.

Web Groups

Groups Guides

Password Zones

Not needed, all passwording needs are taken care of by the Canvas software.


Gradebooks Guides

Table Maker Module

Rich Content Editor Guides (table function)

Calendar Guides

File Management

Files are imported and are available to you when in editing mode from the right sidebar. You may need to organize your files into folders and make sure they are correctly connected in your Pages and Modules. It is highly recommended to hide the Files link in the course navigation, since the list of files will likely just confuse students.

Canvas Files Guides

Advanced HTML Editor

HTML Editor
Within Rich Content Editor, see HTML Editor link at top, right of Rich Content Editor.