Canvas Request Forms

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Canvas Course Shell/Section Related Forms

Course Shell Missing for Faculty

For faculty who are missing a course shell they expect to see in their list of courses. Okay to enter multiple courses/sections.

Course Shell Information Corrections

Sometimes the details are incorrect and need to be fixed.

​Course Shell for Course Development (Sandbox)

Only submit if you are requesting a shell for immediate development of course content to be copied to a scheduled course in the future.

​Course Shell for Non-Course Related Content

This is for a shell that will never be on the course schedule. Examples would be for shells used by Student Services, Professional Development, and individual learning communities.

Cross-List Course Sections

Link multiple sections of the same course to deliver content from one shell.

De-Cross-List Sections

Unlink currently linked sections of a course.

File Storage Increase

Send a request to the Canvas admin to increase the total file storage allotted to your course.

People/Account Related Forms for Canvas

New Canvas User Account

This form used to request a Canvas account for non-instructional staff. (i.e. Classified or Management staff).

Roster Issues

Report a student who is missing in the Canvas roster though listed on the SIS roster. Students can complete this form too.

Teaching Assistant (TA) Enrollment

To be completed by the instructor on behalf of the proposed TA.

Online Instructor Evaluation 

Guides and Instructions on the process of Instructor evaluation using Canvas.