Canvas Login


  • The IT department has created SRJC Canvas accounts for all instructors who have taught in any semester since Spring 2013.
  • If you are a new instructor, or do not have an account, contact Distance Education to get an account: Email Distance Ed Support.


  • LOG IN HERE: SRJC Canvas log in page (you will want to bookmark this page) to log into our Canvas system with your user ID and PIN, same you use for the Faculty Portal.
  • A new faculty member will be added to Canvas as soon as they are assigned as a faculty member in the SRJC SIS system.
  • Your PIN number may have changed. The IT Department reset PIN numbers for early Canvas adopters whose PIN had less than 8 digits to your birthdate (mmddyyyy) in order to meet their security standards.
  • If you change your PIN (password), it will also affect your Canvas login.
  • In order to change your pin code, you must enter your current pin code and then your new pin code twice.
    • Pin codes must be 8 - 16 characters in length
    • Pin codes are case sensitive
    • Pin codes can contain special characters - (){}!@$%^&*
    • Pin codes are recommended to contain a number and any two of the following three: upper case, lower case, special character


  • If you are having trouble logging into Canvas, changing your PIN in your portal will reset your Canvas password.
    • From your portal home page, under District Announcements, find the Update your Pin Code link
  • If you want your portal PIN to remain the same, you can "re-set" it to the same exact PIN and your Canvas password will now synch with the portal PIN.
  • If you still cannot login to Canvas, contact Distance Education: Email Distance Ed Support.