Layout Options in Canvas

Chapter 3 Course Design & Development

The Canvas interface enables instructors to choose from among several Home Page options for courses, to customize Module settings to guide students through lessons, and text formatting tools to design accessible content pages. These videos explain those layout options and gives you ideas on how to choose which are best for your course.

Home Page & Module Options in Canvas

Explore home page options in this video created by Helen Graves (former SRJC Canvas ninja and now an Instructional Designer for the OEI). In the 2nd video, Helen shows how to edit Module settings to guide students through your lessons.


Chunking Content & Using Headers to Design Accessible Content Pages

In this Course Design Showcase, Kim Pippa Tonnesen from Columbia College showcases how she chunks content and uses header text to design accessible content pages in Canvas. The host is @ONE faculty mentor Michelle Pacansky-Brock.

Customizing Your Course Navigation

In this 4- minute video, Liz du Plessis shows how to customize your course navigation in Canvas and provides some tips for which links to include.