Account Request for Faculty

Canvas Accounts for Faculty Are Automatically Created

All faculty who have been assigned to teach a course at SRJC automatically have a SRJC Canvas account. In most cases there is no need to request an account.

You can log into your account from the Canvas Login page using your portal ID/PIN. If you have login issues, see the Canvas Access and Login Issues help document.

If you are new faculty who has not yet been assigned a course or otherwise think you do not yet have a Canvas account, you can use the Request User Access to Canvas form, or Email Distance Ed Support.

** Important note: Before we can issue a DE account, you MUST have an SRJC email account and an instructor ID on file. An instructor ID is not the same as an employee ID or a SID or an Escape ID or an SSN. An instructor ID is automatically created for an individual when Scheduling processes that person. Here's how they describe the process:

"What happens on the Scheduling end of things is that when a new instructor is hired and we are asked to put that instructor's name on a section, we email HR and ask for the person's SSN and DOB. We can't add an instructor without those two items and even if the department or the instructor gives us that information we CAN NOT add them until we are given that information by HR. HR will only release that information to us when the instructor has completed the entire hiring process, including fingerprint clearance. Once we use their SSN and DOB to enter them into the instructor database of SIS, the computer generates the 5 digit instructor ID. That is the end of that process for the Schedulers."

Therefore, until Scheduling completes that process and generates the ID for the new instructor, it is not possible for a Distance Ed account to be created for that individual.

If you have any questions about when Scheduling will process you (and thereby create an instructor ID in order to issue your DE account), please communicate directly with Jane Hinchman in Scheduling.