During the Academic year, trainings on how to make online classes accessible will be offered regularly by an Assistive Technology Specialist. All online faculty members will be strongly encouraged to take the training. Flex credit will be provided. The District will track which faculty have taken the trainings.

Syllabus Template File

Download this Accessible Word template for creating a syllabus. Accessibility practices have been applied to the file. Note that if you add things, such as images you will need to apply best accessibility practices. Saving out the Word file to a PDF will create an accessible PDF depending on your platform and saving methods.

PDA DAY SPRING 2015: Removing Barriers to Online Learning - Creating Accessible Syllabi

See the web page presented on PDA Day, Spring 2015 on Creating Accessible Word documents for Syllabi.

Creating Accessible Word Documents

See tutorial on Creating Accessible Word Documents

Creating Accessible PDFs for Online Classes

Use Adobe Acrobat to create PDFs that are accessible to disabled individuals with screen readers and other assistive computer technologies.

Accessible PDFs Online Tutorial

Creating Accessible Web Presentations from Microsoft PowerPoint Files

Learn how to take a PowerPoint presentation and create a Web presentation that is accessible to disabled individuals with screen readers and other assistive computer technologies.

Accessible PowerPoint Online Tutorial

Other Trainings & Tutorials

Creating Accessible Word & Powerpoint Files to PDF by Corrine Haverinen

American River College, August 17, 2016 PowerPoint and Practice Files

Accessibility Lecture by Corrine Haverinen

Accessibility Lecture Slideshow, August 20, 2012 - a lecture given at the College of Marin as an overview of online accessibility with numerous linked resources. This is a browser-based slideshow that can be navigated by mouse or keyboard. Controls are:

  • Next slide: Space bar, return, right arrow, down arrow, page down, click anywhere in slide that isn't in the control area (lower right corner), click "arrow" in lower right corner, access key "X"
  • Previous slide: Up arrow, left arrow, page up, click "arrow" in lower right corner, access key "Z"
  • Toggle the slide styles: Click on the toggle button (to Click in bottom, right to access drop-down list of pages. Toggle off the CSS for outline view by using the "T" key
  • Home and End keyboard buttons work as well
  • See a complete list of keyboard controls to operate the slideshow